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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones

may break my bones

but your words

have crushed the Spirit

and work tirelessly

to destroy my soul.


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From him...

It is most unfortunate that my efforts in caring for you are disregarded and blasted. I deserve someone better. Even your family says that! My love for you is diminishing. I want my last years of my life to be fulfilled and peaceful. Neither do I get from you.

You are so stuck in the past with many issues. You just want a mule to beat. Go find another sucker.

Maybe he will return the favor to you.

Far from Godly thinking. You can read, study, profess...but your actions show that you have not committed to his teachings.

Will you feel better when I'm not in your life?

Like everything in your life, simple is not enough. You must have a variety. You are tired of me.

That is who you are.

You identify so strongly as a single mother...Your wish will come true

Me: Our daughter is scared of you. This is your legacy.

She is not...she always asks me why you yell at me. You can play the hero but she knows. Look at your two older kids

You seem to blame me for everything. Every holiday, your job, your unhappiness, hell you blame me for the inflation.

Maybe one day you can step into my shoes. I was going to mow yard, you said no due to being wet. Now today you mow it and throw it in my face?

Since you are not happy with me.


Me: This stream of messages is not an answer. please reach into your heart for an authentic response. Push past and seek out how you truly truly feel. Let the heartache and hurt be bound by love and speak Truth. -your wife S.

You always set up for a fight! That is you. Why? If you wanted me, you would take the time to see the aggressions you put out. Watch the videos it is clear!

In what way have I served you today? you are not happy. Especially with me. So...Let's keep it real. You seek something else and since you can't find it, it is taken out on me. Look at the evidence. It is clear

Go ahead and enjoy, maybe one day you will realize how hurtful you are

In no way are you nurturing this relationship. Your attitude is a constant f-you.

Why do I try? You will never be kind and loving. You will continue to be egocentric. You will continue to seek the worst. Maybe it is time. You are not good for me. It's a good thing your ring is on the other hand, it won't mess up your game.

Me: Please exercise self-control. Negativity is really not flattering and definitely not sexy.

Practice what you preach

You don't have a screen saver of me!

Shows your love

Please seek help...

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before you destroy everyone around you.